Saturday, May 21, 2011

Help Support Our Troops With Coupons - Troopon: Coupons For Troops

Coupons are a great way to help support our troops. If you are like me, at the end of the month you have mountains of unused and expired coupons that you would normally recycle or throw away, but wait there is a great way to use these coupons. Most people don't know that our military forces are allowed to use coupons that have expired within two months. Programs like Troopon - Coupons For Troops allow you to mail in your unwanted or even expired coupons to our armed forces in an effort to support our troops. So gather up all those old coupons, mail them in, and help our troops at home and overseas.

Help Support Our Troops with: Troopon - Coupons For Troops

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Sara said...

It's actually 6 months past expiration :) my husbands a marine and we are stationed in Okinawa and I was wondering if your program sent any coupons out here or if you'd like to?