Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Coupon Inserts In Sunday's Paper

It's okay Jimmy, we have printable coupons
Unfortunately, there will be no coupon inserts in the upcoming Sunday newspaper. I hate how this happens whenever there is a holiday on or around the weekend.  This is a good reason why you should be saving you weekly inserts from previous weeks.

If you are part of P&G Everyday Solutions you should have received your coupon book with over $35 worth of coupons in the mail.  If you haven't signed up yet, please do so, it is a great source of free coupons: Join P&G Everyday Solutions

Check out our Printable Coupons Page and load up your coupon binder for next weeks shopping trip.  

Even though there will be no new coupons I am still planning on posting my Super Coupon Deals of the Week article, there should still be some things you can get for free using printable coupons or coupons from previous weeks.  Stay tuned for more great Super Coupon Deals!

Read my free guide on How to Super Coupon and learn how to get groceries for FREE!

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