Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watch: TLC's Extreme Couponing Tonight 9/8 Central

Make sure you watch Extreme Couponing tonight on TLC at 9/8 Central. 

Tonight's episodes:

9:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Extreme Couponing
Desirae & Stephanie

Money-savvy Desirae is so thrifty, she doesn't even pay for newspapers: she gets all of her coupons from public recycling bins. Stephanie teaches her son to coupon before he goes off to college.

9:30 pm
(30 minutes)
Amber & Tammilee

Seattle mother of four Amber must bring all of her kids shopping when her babysitter is late. Meanwhile, extreme couponer Tammilee from Spokane saves up money to go on multiple vacations with her husband each year.

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