I didn't used to be Super Coupon Guy.  In fact, I used to be thousands of dollars in debt and wondering how I was ever going to turn things around.  I would work all day only to have to lose it all to bills and necessities and end up still further in the negatives.  My grocery bills were one of my major controllable expenses, and often I would go without just to make ends meet.  I decided to try my hands a couponing as a way to help with the expenses.  I cut out a few printable coupons I had found online and brought them to the store only to get discouraged by my lack of saving.  After trying this a few times and not getting any great deals for my effort, I gave up.

Years passed, my debt got even worse and I thought I would never get out of this endless spiral of bills.  I watched as the economy got worse, gas prices began to rise, and feared that grocery prices would go up as well. Then I met the love of my life, Trina, and she introduced me to a new show that she liked TLC's Extreme Couponing.  I had seen coupon specials on the news and on talk shows before, and I always thought that it must be impossible, or that they were buying stuff I didn't need.  After watching this show I thought to myself "Noah, your a smart guy, you've got a college degree, you can figure out how to do this for yourself."  I decided to make couponing into a game, it was like chess, only the pieces were sales and coupons and my opponent was the store.  I researched couponing and started to learn how it really worked.  I was amazed when I went to the grocery store for the first time and got a cart full of products FOR FREE!  This one experience repaid my investment and encouraged me to continue my efforts.  I noticed that every week that I went shopping my grocery bill kept going down and my cart got higher and higher with products.  I started to accumulate a decent stockpile at home and then I only needed to buy something when I could get it at a huge discount or free.  My debt quickly disappeared as I was able to contribute hundreds of extra dollars from what I saved at the register to my bills.  I was finally getting control of my life with the help of coupons.

I noticed that sometimes I was getting things for free that I didn't need or had far too many of already.  It was at this point that I decided to start donating to local charities and food banks.  I also decided to dawn the green suit and red cape and become Super Coupon Guy!  I vowed to show others the POWER of COUPONS, in hopes that it might help them make ends meet in these hard times.  Hopefully others will learn from this site and save so much that they will be able to contribute to society as well.

Today, I work teaching children with autism and other developmental disorders.  I am now engaged to my love Trina, and we are getting married this August.  My debt problems are gone, and I am continuing to save money every day.  All I can say is that it is all thanks to the power of coupons.

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