This page contains links to many great couponing resources: places to find more coupons, coupon databases, store coupon policies, and links to charities to donate extra freebies to.

Get More Coupons

The coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper aren't the only place to get coupons anymore.  There are many great programs for getting both print and online coupons.

P&G Everyday Solutions - This program by Procter & Gamble will spend you free samples and free coupons books in the mail.  These coupons are for great drug store products that you use everyday.  Join P&G Everyday Solutions and start saving today.

Printable Coupons - There are several great sites where you can print coupons from home for all your favorite products.  Super Coupon Guy links to many of these coupons on our Home Page, you can also find more printable coupons on our Printable Coupons Page.

Coupon Clipping Services - These are a great way to get multiple coupons or coupons that are not available in your area.  For a small fee, these companies will send you pre-clipped coupons in the mail. Check out our Coupon Clipping Services Page for more information.

Coupon Research

Research is a major component of Super Couponing.  You need to know what the major sales are for the stores in your area, so that you know the best place at which to use your coupons.  Some sites will give you previews of what coupons will be appearing in the Sunday paper, so you know whether to buy extra copies of the paper or turn to a professional coupon clipping service.  Here is a list of some of the best couponing resources:

Sunday Coupon Preview - This site lets you know about newspaper and printable coupons before they are released.  This should help you with planning and allow you to know what coupons you will need to clip or get from a coupon clipping service.
Free Coupon Alerts - This site emails you a list of all the new coupons that become available.

A Full Cup - This site has an excellent coupon search database and many other tools for couponers.


Coupon Mom - Another great resource site for couponing.

Store Sales Flyer Previews

Get previews of sales flyers for the upcoming week, so you can start planning you shopping trip.

I Heart Rite Aid - Rite Aid sales flyer previews

I Heart CVS - CVS sales flyer previews

I Heart Wags - Walgreens sales flyer previews

Store Coupon Policies

Here is a list of many stores' coupon policies.  I suggest that you print out the coupon policies for the stores that you shop at and keep them in your coupon binder.

Walmart Coupon Policy
Target Coupon Policy
CVS Coupon Policy
Walgreens Coupon Policy
Rite Aid Coupon Policy
Kmart Coupon Policy
King Sooper Coupon Policy
Kroger Coupon Policy
Harris Teeter Coupon Policy
Food Lion Coupon Policy
Cub Foods Coupon Policy
Albertsons Coupon Policy
Meijer Coupon Policy
Hannaford Coupon Policy
Shaws Coupon Policy


There are many great things you can do with you coupons to help support your community and charities.  When you get items for free from you couponing efforts please consider donating these items to your local food bank or homeless shelter, this is a great way to give back to the community.

There are also several programs that use your unused and even expired coupons to help support our troops.

Troopons is a program that show you how to send your unused and expired coupons to support our troops

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