How to Super Coupon

So, you are interested in saving massive amounts off your grocery bill.  Maybe you just watched the latest episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing and are thinking “That’s impossible, no one can save that much money off their grocery bill.”  Well, I am the Super Coupon Guy, and I am here to tell you that it is no lie, the savings are true and anyone, yes anyone, can do this.  In this guide I will break down the steps and teach you Extreme Couponing techniques so you can become a Super Couponer, just like me.

Collecting Coupons - The first step to Extreme Couponing is collecting coupons.  Coupons are available online from several free printable coupon sites, and many companies will give you free printable coupons for their products if you register with their website or “like” them on Facebook.  These printable coupons are great, but some of the best coupons are still only available as inserts in your Sunday newspaper.  I suggest anyone that is serious about Extreme Couponing either find a way to get massive amounts of inserts from friends and family or just purchase four or more newspapers each Sunday (the price of the newspapers is always worth the savings). A final option is coupon clipping services where you can pay a small amount to purchase multiple pre-clipped coupons and have them mailed directly to you (these are great if you need 100 of the same coupon for some amazing deal).

Getting Organized - Now you might want to just start clipping every coupon you see right away, stop, this is a mistake.  You need to get organized if you are going to succeed.  I suggest that you buy a three-ring binder to store you coupons in.  Plastic inserts for baseball cards work great for holding coupons and are designed to work with this kind of binder.  Use dividers to split your binder into several different sections for coupons.  I like to organize my binder by dividing it into sections similar to the aisles of my favorite stores.

Know Your Stores - To Extreme Coupon effectively you will have to know your local grocery and drug stores.  Call your local stores and ask them about their coupon policies. Some grocery stores will double or even triple manufacturer’s coupons, others won’t but may have better sales or lower regular prices.  Some stores offer special deals like money off your next purchase when you buy select items.  Some stores have special policies regarding printable coupons. You will probably have to split your shopping up between two or more stores to get the best deals each week. 

Research - The true secret to Extreme Couponing is doing research on sales and then matching great coupons to those sales.  This will maximize the savings that you get off of each product.  If the product is normally $1.99 but is on sale for $0.99 and your coupon gives you $1.00 off, then it becomes free (this happens more often than you would think).  Check your weekly flyers for your favorite stores and match your coupons to their sales.  There are many sites out there that help do this for you, and some even tell you the date of the insert in which you can find the coupon, which is why keeping your coupon inserts organized by date is so useful.

Planning - Now that you have your coupons and know what the deals are, it is time to start planning your shopping trip. I suggest that you plan on using three different stores for your shopping: one that doubles coupons (Shaw’s), one drug store that has cash back incentives (Rite-Aid), and one store that has generally low prices (Walmart).  Organize your coupons so that they match up with the store that will give you the best savings for that product and create a shopping list for each store to reflect this.

Stockpiling - The trick to Extreme Couponing and saving massive amounts in the long run is to stockpile, or buy many of a single item that is a drastically good deal, or sometimes even free.  Obviously this doesn’t work for perishable items, but canned goods, dry goods, and many other non-perishable items can be stored for years.  There is a rotation on many coupons, and I would suggest that you buy at least a 3 month supply or more of an item when it is a great deal.  Realize that when you are getting started that you grocery bill may seem that same or even a little higher, but the number of products should still be more.  After you have acquired an adequate stockpile the savings will really start to add up, because now you can wait to buy items only when they are at a tremendous discount and you will be able to buy almost every item with coupons, this is the key to Extreme Couponing.

Money-makers - Sometimes you will come across coupon + sale combinations so good that they will actually put the total into the negatives, these are commonly referred to as money-makers.  When you find out about one of these deals collect as many coupons as you can, I prefer to use a coupon clipping service to get massive amounts of coupons, you can also use multiple computers to print multiple printable coupons.  The next step is to go to the store and buy them out.  Make sure you know the store’s coupon policies, some stores may impose limits, may force you to split your purchase into multiple transactions.  Most stores will not pay you cash to take their products, but there is a work-around. Calculate the amount of extra savings that you will gain from these purchases, and then apply those saving to purchase things that don’t normally have coupons, like meat.  Also, if the money-maker item is something that you will never use just donate it to a local food bank and write-off the donation on your taxes for extra savings.

These are just the basics, hopefully they will get you started on your savings.  Have fun with Extreme Couponing and shop smart!

A new Advanced Guide to Extreme Couponing will be available soon. Check back with us and save big.

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